Ross Edwards is a ceramic artist who combines traditional techniques with an eye for modernism. His work is not simply creating forms. He is known for creating and then manipulating the form in unexpected and modern ways. He looks at a piece in terms of form and function while infusing the expected. Weather it is throwing a vessel cutting it and slip casting it to explore new perspective, drawing from cubism and influenced by how we perceive classic shapes, or by drilling holes to let in light and illusion his work is both familiar and unexpected.
Ross grew up in Richmond Va where he studied ceramics at the Visual Art Center of Virginia. He worked with local potters while attending Trinity High School and taking advantage of their renowned ceramics program. He went on to study at Alfred University for four years earning a BFA. While at Alfred he participated in an artist residency in China where he honed his skill. After college Ross worked in Penland North Carolina for Christina Cordoba. There he branched out and began Ross Edwards Design. His lighting was picked up by Robert Abbey and his work was featured in the Architectural Digest show and ICFF.  Ross now lives and works in Richmond Va and continues to explore the exciting possibilities of this versatile medium.